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GymMenu = Choice

GymMenu = Freedom!



GymMenu empowers you to exercise at home or in any gym with ease!

No more confusion!

Learn how to exercise with the
GymMenu method!
The easiest choice-based workout program.

Thousands of people have learned how to exercise with the GymMenu workout education method!


Gain access the world's only choice-based exercise system.

  • Menu-style formats letting you pick the best workout routine for your body.

  • Easy to use. Easy to understand. Exercise on your own with confidence.

  • Save $1,000's when you skip costly personal training packages.

Control your weight loss!


Studies show losing weight is a balancing act of calories in vs. calories out. Knowing how to burn calories and which exercises are most effective are just as important as knowing what to eat.


Personal trainers are expensive and DVD workout videos are confusing, so we designed an exercise education program to teach you how to LEARN to BURN (aka L2B). GymMenu's L2B program is the easiest way to start, maintain, and enjoy life-long benefits of safe exercise

The GymMenu Program provides the following personal trainer guidance:

  • Personalized program: which exercises, how much weight, and how many sets/reps!

  • Plans: weekly and monthly workouts that fit YOUR schedule!

  • Know what to do and how to do it BEFORE you set foot in a gym.


What is included in the GymMenu Program?

  • Your fully customized workout program designed to reach your specific goals!

  • Two 75 minute meetings: includes workout calendars, cardio plans, and more!

  • 30 days of exercise program guidance and motivational support

  • Meetings can be held at my gym, your home/ office*. (*Travel fees may apply.)

How much does a GymMenu Program cost?

  • $165 for one person

  • $270 for two people (only $135 per person!)

Do you need Weekly or Monthly accountability?

  • $65 per hour for additional guidance/support

How will GymMenu help you start?

After answering a few questions about your history/health we will...

  • Establish a starting point and goals

  • Design your workout calendar

  • Decide where and when you will exercise!



GET STARTED TODAY by calling me or using the CONTACT for below!